An affiliate of AMGA Foundation, the AMGA Council of Accountable Physician Practices (AMGA CAPP) is a joint undertaking by some of the nation's largest and most prominent physician practices to foster the evolution and development of the accountable physician group model.

Complimentary to the goals of the Foundation, AMGA CAPP seeks to promote a better understanding of how physician-led, coordinated healthcare delivery organizations can maximize the quality and duration of life and enhance health by providing patient-centered, superior value medical care that combines the best in quality and service with affordability.

Current AMGA CAPP projects:

  • Conducting research on payment methodologies that support accountable care

  • Exploring ways to build and foster physician leadership throughout the industry

  • Pursuing research about consumer engagement in system reform

Learn more about CAPP and its latest research projects.

Visit the AMGA CAPP website to educate public on accountable care.