AMGA Governance/Leadership

The governance structure of AMGA emphasizes the role of leadership and sound management in the success of its member groups and in its own operations.

Board of Directors
AMGA's Board of Directors is composed of six officers and eleven at-large directors, who serve three-year terms. The association's Chief Executive Officer serves on the Board in a non-voting capacity. The Executive Committee is composed of the six officers elected from among the Board of Directors to provide leadership and direction.

House of Delegates
The House of Delegates is composed of representatives from each of the member groups. Representation is determined by FTEs and follows this formula:

Number of FTEs

Number of Delegates

3 - 100 FTEs


101 - 200 FTEs


201 - 300 FTEs


301 - 400 FTEs


More than 400 FTEs


The day-to-day business affairs of AMGA are managed by a full-service staff of individuals who have the training and background to execute the various management, financial, data collection and analysis, publication and communication, education and training, and support functions fulfilled by the association. AMGA maintains offices in Alexandria, VA, Portland, OR, and Atlanta, GA.