Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Benchmarking Survey

The important subject areas (dimensions) of the survey include:

  • Employee Engagement

  • Rewarding Work

  • Supervision

  • Growth Opportunities

  • Personal Relationships

  • Leaves

  • Pay

  • Workload

  • Physician Interactions

  • Health Benefits

In addition to the dimensions, the following items are also included in the survey and report:

  • Overall Job Satisfaction

  • Future Tenure on the Job

  • The Employee’s Recommendation of the Medical Group to Others

If there are specific topics or areas that you would like to explore in further detail, you can add questions. In addition, respondents can comment on other work-related issues in a final, open-ended question.


What Our Members Say

“We have used the AMGA Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Benchmarking Program for many years and our experience has been great. The AMGA staff has been exceptionally helpful, making the survey process easy for us. The survey is well designed and delivered, which has resulted in excellent participation rates. Reports provided through the program have been received very quickly and are detailed and informative. This information has enabled us to greatly improve the quality of our employees’ work lives.”
– Kim Croft, Service Excellence Manager, St. Elizabeth Physicians


Questions? Contact Mark Miller at 703.838.0033 ext. 363 for more information.