Prepare for MACRA

Preparing your organization to be successful under MACRA will depend on your ability to evolve in value-based payment arrangements and your experience with existing federal incentive programs―Medicare payment arrangements like ACOs and the Shared Savings Program, as well as PQRS, Meaningful Use, the Value-Based Modifier, and others.

Whatever your MACRA or risk goals are, we are committed to empowering you with the solutions and strategies to advance your organization.


The MIPS Collaborative

To guide our members through MACRA execution, we developed the MIPS collaborative, beginning in 2017. As you may know, our Collaboratives are shared-learning programs that compile evidence of best practices and are designed specifically for medical organizations that are striving to improve the care of their patient population and succeed in organizational transformation. Only active members are eligible for this exclusive program.


MACRA Primer

This program is geared to raise awareness in your organization about the urgency of addressing MACRA and the specifics of the legislation and regulations. This comprehensive session typically will be an evening speaking event followed by facilitated discussion. The faculty for these sessions will be AMGA Advocacy staff and/or leaders from AMGA member groups that have had success in existing Medicare payment arrangements.


Workshops and Retreats

AMGA has longtime experience in providing workshops and retreats. Our approach is unique in that we customize the program to your organization and utilize AMGA members with significant experience in existing Medicare payment and incentive programs and experiential lessons they can share. Through these in-depth engagements, we help you address key issues and challenges faced by your organization as you build the capability to succeed in taking on risk.



Whether you are interested in fortifying your capabilities to maximize your performance in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) or are preparing to move into the Alternative Payment Model (APM), AMGA Consulting can help you prepare for success under MACRA. We will work with you to assess opportunities for improved operational efficiency, care model transition, and alignment of provider compensation models with desired outcomes. We can provide ongoing support as you shape your strategy and operations to achieve higher performance with improved clinical and financial outcomes.