• Provider Video - Six Tips To Fine-Tune Your Diabetes Office Visits: Developed by the Together 2 Goal® campaign, this video offers healthcare providers six specific, simple, and actionable tips for diabetes office visits that can improve efficiency and patient satisfaction while simultaneously guiding patients towards healthier living.

  • It Takes a Team Provider/Staff Video: Developed by Measure Up/Pressure Down® with support from United Health Foundation, the “It Takes a Team” video reminds eight care team members of the crucial role they play in hypertension management.

  • Choose Your Path Patient Video: Follow “Henry” as he learns how one patient can have two different outcomes (long healthy life or potential for stroke or heart attack), depending on what life choices he makes (e.g.,taking medications, eating healthy, exercising regularly).

  • Transforming Chronic Care: In-depth news programs that explore the work being done across the nation to achieve the triple aim of improving the health of populations and the patient experience at a lower cost and how the healthcare community can collaborate to enable people to manage their chronic conditions, empowering them to take control of their health.