Provider Satisfaction Benchmarking Survey

The important subject areas (dimensions) of the survey include:

  • Leadership and Communications

  • Time Spent Working

  • Compensation

  • Quality of Care

  • Patient Interactions

  • Administration

  • Computers

  • Resources

  • Acceptance by Colleagues

  • Relationships with Staff

  • Paperwork

  • Pre-Authorization Hassles

If there are specific topics or areas that you would like to explore in further detail, you can add questions. In addition, respondents can comment on other work-related issues in a final, open-ended question.


What Our Members Say

“Your level of provider satisfaction as measured by the AMGA Provider Satisfaction Survey directly impacts your ability to align your providers to your organization’s mission, vision, and strategic goals. It also provides you as a healthcare leader with the critical information necessary to address weaknesses and take advantage of strengths. Don’t miss this opportunity to better understand and advance your medical group.”
– Todd D. Grages, President and Chief Executive Officer, Methodist Physicians Clinic


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